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Quebec Food - Unique Quebec Food Menu Items

Unique Quebec Food Items


Here's a handy guide to Quebec food items commonly seen on menus and sandwich boards around the province. No trip to Quebec is complete without trying these local specialties.

Poutine: [poo teen] is a yummy concoction of french fries, gravy and melted cheese curds that's as unhealthy as it is delicious. Found in all - night take - outs, greasy spoons and gourmet restaurants, poutine is highly addictive and comes with a variety of toppings from tomato sauce (poutine Italien) to fois gras.

Tarte au Sucre: Sugar pie is as sweet as it sounds, made with a variety of sugars and maple syrup, boiled to a fudge and set on pie pastry.

Chien Chaud, All Dress (Steamie): A steamed hot dog with the works. The tastiest is found on Rue St. Jacques in Quebec City's St. Roch district - a bargain at 39 cents!

Soupe aux Pois: Pea soup, thick and hearty made with a ham hock broth is a winter favorite.

Tourtiere: A traditional Quebec meat pie

Pate Chinois: A typical shepherd's pie made with ground beef, corn and onions topped with mashed potatoes.

Cretons: A tasty pate of ground pork, onions and lard.

Feves au Lard: Pork and and baked beans

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