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Premiere Moisson Bakeries

Premiere Moisson Bakeries

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Premiere Moisson Bakeries

Premiere Moisson Bakery Display

photo: Sherel Purcell

A Quebec favorite, Premiere Moisson Bakeries boasts 15 Montreal locations and one in Quebec City. Premiere Moisson is really a bakery, deli and cafe all rolled into one.

When visiting Montreal or Quebec City, head to Premiere Moisson Bakeries for breakfast and lunch. Boulangerie (Bakery) Premiere Moisson appears on almost every publication's recommended list, no mean feat in a city with over 5,000 eateries.

Premiere Moisson Bakeries Overview

Premiere Moisson Bakeries

Montreal Atwater Market:

3025 St. Ambroise

Quebec City:

840 Honoré-Mercier Ave.

Since 1992, Premiere Moisson (first harvest) has been feeding a growing demand in Quebec for high end, tasty foods. Visitors to Quebec can always find a reliable restaurant for breakfast and lunch at reasonable prices. Gourmet sandwiches cost about six dollars. Heartier items including homemade cabbage rolls and lasagna served with soups are popular lunch and take out items.

The fussy Quebecoise palate demands quality products. Generic terms like "organic" and "low fat" no longer satisfy. These consumers are looking for value added ingredients like flaxseeds, oats and soy.

Premiere Moisson Goodies

In Premiere Moisson's cozy, exposed brick cafe, at Montreal's Atwater Market, customers are enjoying thick slabs of toasted soy and oatmeal bread dripping with melted Quebec cheese. For dessert, maple pecan cream pastries are washed down with the signature dark roast coffee.

Nearby, attractive display cases crammed with pork and brie sandwiches crowd the olive sourdough rolls stuffed with sliced tomato, basil and bocconcini. Even the handmade chocolates decorating the countertops, boast prime ingredients with no additives.

Premiere Moisson breads contain only unbleached flour, sugar cane, sea salt and filtered water. There are no fats and no preservatives in Premiere Moisson's 30+ varieties of bread including their organic, stone-ground whole wheat. The deli meats are naturally cured without chemicals.

Premiere Moisson Baking Techniques

Premiere Moisson, true to its home-style roots, follows age-old baking techniques. Bread rises on burlap in drawers without artificial heat or steam, so as not to accelerate fermentation. This method develops flavour while enhancing natural preservation qualities. The bread bakes on stone decks in non-polluting natural gas ovens that produce an even heat to prevent the bread from drying out.

Premiere Moisson Locations

Under the Premiere Moisson co-management agreement, carefully selected business partners manage carefully chosen locations within the greater Montreal area. Favorite sites include public markets such as Atwater, Jean Talon, Maisonneuve and Marche de l'Ouest.

Premiere Moisson Bakeries can also be found on trendy Montreal streets: Sherbrooke, Mont Royal and Bernard. Premiere Moisson is also moving into the growing suburbs of Longueuil, Brossard, Dollard-des-Ormeaux and Repentigny.

In Quebec City, Premiere Moisson Express can be found downtown, just below the Hilton Hotel.

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