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Choco-Musée Érico: The Destination for Chocolate Lovers

A half-museum, half-chocolate shop with many options to indulge sweet cravings


A thick and rich cup of hot chocolate at Choco-Musée Érico, in Quebec City

A thick and rich cup of hot chocolate at Choco-Musée Érico, in Quebec City

Photo © Marie Asselin.

Visitors walking along St. Jean Street, in Quebec City’s St-Jean-Baptiste neighborhood, usually can’t resist Choco-Musée Érico’s charming storefront, with its quaint green canopies and mosaic that bear the owner’s nickname, Érico. The rich, distinctive smell of cocoa welcomes chocolate-lovers in this boutique that’s half-museum, half-chocolate shop, where many gourmet pleasures await. Visitors are often surprised at how much time they end up spending in such a small space, either learning about the history of chocolate, or trying their hardest to solve the difficult question of what to have.

The Museum

At Choco-Musée Érico, owner Éric Normand loved chocolate so much that he decided it deserved its own museum. Through different vignettes, visitors will learn chocolate’s history from the Mayan civilization to the present day, and the museum displays an impressive selection of 200+ chocolate-making tools from around the world. Lovers of antiques will especially appreciate the collection of vintage chocolate pots, a special vessel used to serve liquid chocolate, which was first introduced in the 17th century. The exhibition also includes audio and video presentations, and a large window at the back of the room allows visitors to peek into the chocolaterie’s kitchen and observe the artisanal chocolate-making process.
Take a virtual visit of Choco-Musée Érico’s chocolate museum

The Chocolate Shop

One of the reasons why Choco-Musée Érico is a favorite of locals and tourists alike is the many options the shop provides to indulge chocolate cravings. From fine chocolates to hot chocolate and ice cream, and even options for lactose-intolerant clients too, there is literally something for everyone.

  • Fine Chocolates
    The shop’s specialty is, of course, fine chocolates, and the selection includes classic as well as inventive flavor combinations. Aficionados will enjoy the opportunity to taste chocolates made with single-origin cocoa beans while adventurers can explore audacious choices like the India, a bitter-sweet ganache with coconut milk, mango, lime and Indian spices, or the Anis Étoilé, a bitter ganache with star anise and absinth liquor. Chocolates infused with local terroir products such as maple butter, ice wine and beer make great souvenirs.
    See Choco-Musée Érico’s full selection of fine chocolates

  • Hot Chocolate
    The shop’s extensive hot chocolate menu has become its signature. Made with pure grated chocolate and cocoa powder, they are pure decadence in a cup. The selection ranges from “mild”, like the Ti-Mousse, a milk and bittersweet chocolate concoction served with marshmallows, to “thick and very chocolatey,” like the Italien, made with Ugandan chocolate (80 % cocoa) and cocoa powder. Lactose-intolerant chocolate lovers will be happy to learn there is even an option that is just as rich as the rest of the menu but excludes dairy products, the Soyeux, made with soy milk, Mexican chocolate (66 % cocoa) and cocoa powder. During summer, the chocolate drinks are served cold on ice and are delightfully refreshing. Hot chocolate making kits make great gifts and can be purchased at the shop or online.
    See Choco-Musée Érico’s full hot chocolate menu

  • Cakes and Treats
    Brownies, cupcakes and cookies are more delightful ways to enjoy Érico’s chocolate. The cookies are especially worth the detour, and again, along with classic options, daring flavors await, such as “Lemon and White Chocolate” and “Chaï” (a mix of dark chocolate, chaï spices and dates). Decadent cakes can also be ordered for special occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc.).

  • Gourmet Ice Cream
    Choco-Musée Érico is a very popular stop during summer, when the shop serves homemade iced treats. Ice creams are made the old fashioned way with milk, cream, egg yolks and sugar, and the extensive selection includes chocolate and non-chocolate flavors, ranging from classics to sinful creations, such as the Epic Meal, made with maple bacon bits, Jack Daniel’s, Pepsi, caramel and cashew nuts. The shop sells a selection of sherbet, frozen yogurt and frozen tofu, which is surprisingly rich tasting but contains no dairy products.

Other products offered at the shop include handmade chocolate pots and seasonal chocolate creations.

Contact Information
Choco-Musée Érico
634, rue St-Jean
Québec, QC   G1R 1P8

Map / Website / Email
Phone: (418) 524-2122

Open 7 days a week (opening hours).

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