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Restaurants and Food in Montreal and Quebec City

Montreal and Quebec City are well known for their French-inspired cuisine, but they’re also home to countless restaurants delightfully preparing cuisines from around the world. From poutine to foie gras, discover both cities’ best culinary finds, restaurants and gourmet stores.
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Café Saint-Henri: An Independant Coffee Shop that Roasts its Own Beans
An independant coffee shop renowned for roasting its own coffee beans.

Le Canard Goulu: Restaurant Review
A hidden gem in Quebec City: Le Canard Goulu is the gourmet restaurant outpost of a Muscovy duck farm that serves creative cuisine for lunch and Friday night tasting dinners.

Here’s everything you need to know about one of the year’s best food events in Montreal.

Quebec City’s Best Traditional Poutine: Chez Ashton
Ashton's poutine is an excellent sample of this quintessential Québécois dish.

Café Myriade: An Independant Coffee Shop in Touch with Their Customers' Tastes
An independant coffee chop in touch with their customers' tastes.

15 Restaurants to Try During TASTE MTL
Discover 15 of Montreal’s best dining spots during the city’s restaurant week.

Café Falco
A gem of a coffee place in Mile-End that also serves Japanese lunches.

5 Outstanding Independent Coffee Shops in Montreal
A list of five independant coffee shops that serve expertly made beverages in Montreal.

Caffè in Gamba
An Italian coffee shop with a plush interior that encourages losing track of time.

Top 10 Bakeries in Quebec City
The top ten bakeries in Quebec City that should be visited by any Francophile longing to taste the very best delicacies the city has to offer.

Pikolo Espresso Bar
A tiny espresso bar with excellent baked goods that attracts a hip and young crowd.

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