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Quebec City in February

Quebec City in February - Weather and What to Wear


Quebec City in February

Outdoor Ice Bar, Quebec City

Photo: Sherel Purcell

The coldest month of the year is one of the best times to visit Quebec City, especially in 2008 for the 400th anniversary of the Quebec City Winter Carnival.

At outdoor ice bars, locals and visitors huddle around fires drinking “Caribou”, named for the original ingredients of caribou blood and cheap whiskey. Today’s version is a medicinal - tasting concoction of red wine and alcool that does little to stop the cold.

Temperatures in February can dip to -25C (13 F) without the wind chill and snowfalls of two feet are not uncommon. It is especially important to not only dress warmly, but to dress strategically.

Start with an inner layer of light wool, wool - synthetic blend or synthetic fabric only. The goal is to move moisture away from the skin. Avoid 100 % cotton which cools when wet.

The second layer should be a wool, fleece or thermal sweater. A ski Jacket and pants are perfect outer layers as they protect from wind and moisture.

Wear a hat that protects the ears and neck and a scarf to protect part of the face. Boots should be warm and waterproof and slightly bigger than shoes to allow for an insulating layer of air.

February Weather:

Minimum temperature: -25C (13 F)
Maximum temperature: -7C (19F)
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