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Safety in Montreal - Staying Safe in Montreal

Safety in Montreal - Staying Safe in Montreal


While all over the world shootings and muggings can be are a real concern, it's comforting to know that serious crime - never a big problem in Montreal - has actually declined.

This is due to a very proactive police force and a citizenry that respects the rights of others.

The following questions address saftey in Montreal.

Q. Is it safe to walk around Montreal at night?

A. Absolutely. As well as a low crime rate, Montreal is a busy city at all hours as people love to go out in this pedestrian - friendly city. All the major attractions, best bars, restaurants and night clubs are in safe areas.

Q. Are there any health risks involved with visiting Montreal? If so, what are they and how can you prepare for or avoid them?

A. No. Winters can get extremely cold so you should come prepared with warm clothing, worn in layers and doubled up mittens, hat and a scarf to protect your face. Warm, non slip boots are a must in winter too.

Q.Is Montreal safe for solo women travelers? Solo travelers in general?

A. Absolutely. Not only is Montreal safe for solo travelers, it's also very welcoming. Solo women will feel comfortable in most bars and all restaurants and walking around in the evening.

Q. What is the general attitude in Montreal towards gay & lesbian travelers?

A. In general, quite positive. Montreal has a large gay and lesbian population and visitors from GLBT communities will feel more comfortable here than in many other urban and rural centers.

Q. What are the attitudes towards (and potentially penalties for getting caught with) drugs and alcohol?

A. Alcohol is widely accepted (and used) though consumption in public places may result in a small fine. Drunk driving can result in imprisonment and heavy fines. The laws are in flux regarding soft drug use. There were bars where marijuana and hashish were consumed openly but these seem to have disappeared for the now. Being discreet and carrying less than an ounce (personal use) is probably safe.

Q. Is street food safe to eat? Is tap water safe to drink?

A. Yes and yes, though you'll probably have a hard time finding street food here as Montrealers take food and eating quite seriously so they prefer to visit the 5000+ restaurants.

Q. What is the petty crime rate in Montreal? The serious crime rate?

A. Low and low.

Q. Are there common scams in Montreal to watch out for?

a. None that I'm aware of.

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