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Before You From New York to Montreal


Driving From New York to Montreal is a joy. The highways are quick and efficient and the scenic smaller roads run almost parallel along the whole route. It can be done in five hours but why rush when the best part of the drive is the towns and cities along the way that offer a glimpse of the fascinating history, art and architecture of the oldest part of America.


Here are handy mileage guides from major American cities and maps showing the major routes into Montreal along with maps of Montreal neighborhoods and the major downtown streets.

More Practicalities

Once you get to the border you'll want to be prepared by following these updated (2009) Canada/US border crossing rules. Of course you'll also want to greet Canadian immigration officials with a polite "Bonjour"!

Stopping Along the Way

Driving from New York to Montreal is a great opportunity to check out Albany's impressive architecture and the beautiful art and history filled towns of the scenic Hudson River Valley.

Stop into Kingston, New York state's original capital. The 300,000 square foot contemporary Dia Art Foundation is a must see in Beacon, New York

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