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Casa Tapas Restaurant Montreal

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Casa Tapas Restaurant Montreal

Casa Tapas Exterior


The Bottom Line

Casa Tapas is a Spanish restaurant which serves full meals but is better known (as its name suggests) for its extensive tapas offerings. A night out at Casa Tapas is a fun dining experience for small groups as sharing is mandatory.

The wine list is impressive, especially for fans of Iberian wines. Servers are happy to make food - wine pairing suggestions, but trust your own instincts (and wallets) too.

Casa Tapas:
266 Rue Rachel East
Montreal, Quebec


  • Cozy dining room
  • Great selection of Iberian wines
  • Fun, party atmosphere
  • Fish dishes
  • Great Plateau location


  • small quantites for the price
  • Website


  • Reservations required Thursday through Sunday
  • Can be tricky to find parking
  • Serves full meals as well as tapas
  • tapas dishes are on the small side

Guide Review - Casa Tapas Restaurant Montreal

Best bets in the meat (carne) section of the tapas menu include anything made with veal. With the vegetable offerings, choose something containing more than two principle ingredients.

The most successful of the seafood (Maricos) offerings include the lightly seared scallops served with figs and the sardines grilled with cumin. Mussels served in a variety of sauces are another crowd - pleaser.

As well as the tasty tapas which in general are a little on the small side, Casa Tapas excels at service. The waiters are very professional - attentive without being over bearing.

The dining room is comfortable and inviting with sufficient space between tables so even when the restaurant is crowded diners never feel intruded upon.

The extensive wine list is evident by the wall of wine that greets diners as they enter the classic space done in muted colors and white table linens. The small bar is both intimate and inviting.

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