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Photos of Montreal and Quebec City

Enjoy some of the city’s most interesting sights and sample what inspiring urban settings, enchanting landscapes and romantic scenery you will enjoy when you visit Montreal and Quebec City.

Map of Quebec
Here is a map showing the whole province of Quebec. Both Montreal and Quebec City are located on the St.Lawrence River about 2.5 hours apart by car.

Tourisme Montréal’s Image Gallery
Want to get a glimpse of Montreal even before you get there? Browse through Tourisme Montreal's comprehensive collection to figure out what to expect from spring to winter.

A Photo Tour of Quebec City's Ice Hotel

Old Montreal in Pictures
Old Montreal is an especially picturesque part of the city and it's usually the one visitors find the most romantic. Discover why by looking through this picture collection.

A Photo Tour of the Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area

A Photo Tour of Hôtel La Ferme, Charlevoix

Quebec City Winter Carnival Photographs
See Quebec City's most famous festival through photographs.

Photos and Videos of Quebec City
View photos and videos of Quebec City on the website of Quebec City's tourism board.

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