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Before You Choose Montreal Attractions For Families


With all its attractions that cannot be experienced elsewhere, Montreal makes a great destination for families.

From space exploration to insects to small hands-on (econo) museums, Montreal has something for all family members.

Cosmodome and Space Camp

Just 30 minutes north of Montreal, in the city of Laval, visitors of all ages will be impressed by the Cosmodome. Here family members can explore the solar system, see footage of real live moon walks, visit a replica of the spaceship "Endeavor" and trace the development of rockets and sattelites.

Young visitors aged 9-15 can spend a few hours or a few days exploring space by registering for the space camp, one of only five in world.

Montreal Insectarium

The largest insect museum in North America is a favorite of young visitors everywhere. Special shows of spiders, walking stick insects and a collection of unusual bugs from around the world will keep kids interested for hours. Call ahead to get a free guided tour. Special events at the Insectarium include bug tastings.


Found only in Quebec and parts of Atlantic Canada, economuseums focus on a particular craft often with a hands on component. Love Chocolate? Then you'll want to check out the choco museum in Quebec City. Free samples and a gift shop complete the visit. In Montreal, check out the violin economuseum. These museums are perfect for little ones who may not want to spend too much time in one place.

The Montreal Planetarium

The Montreal Planetarium has a special program just for kids every day at noon from Tuesday to Friday. Kids seven and up are invited on the "Quest for the Galactium". The multimedia show creates an exciting adventure for young space explorers as they search for the milky way.

Older kids will enjoy "Our Galaxy: The Milky Way" from Friday to Sunday evening at 7:15 p.m.

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