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Local Transportation in Montreal and Quebec City

Montreal and Quebec City have reliable public transportation systems, taxis abound and driving around both cities is easy. Whatever your favorite mode of transportation, here is a guide to help you navigate from one attraction to the next.

STM: Montreal's Public Transit System
Discover all public transit options around Montreal (including the Metro): consult time tables, plan routes and get information about fares and access cards.

BIXI: Montreal's Public Bike System
How to Get Around Using BIXI.

Major Highway Routes into Montreal
Montreal's major highways are clearly shown on this map. Check here to see the major highways leading in and out of Montreal.

Montreal Taxis, Taxi Fares and More
A guide to taxis that service Montreal, from east to west.

RTC: Quebec City's Public Transit System
Check out bus schedules and routes in Quebec City on RTC's website, the city's public transit system (in French only).

Taxi Companies in Quebec City
A list of taxi companies in Quebec City and the number where you can reach them.

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