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Marie Asselin

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Marie Asselin was born in Montreal but moved to Quebec City with her family when she was 7 years old. As an adult, she started traveling the world extensively, convinced she would end up moving out of Quebec City for good, but her explorations have allowed her to see her hometown in a new light. She has grown to appreciate the unique, classical beauty that inhabits her 400-year-old city and she now enjoys being part of a new generation of food and travel lovers that contribute to bring Quebec's "French charm" into the limelight.

Frequent trips to Montreal provide her quick "big city" fixes and she feels like she'll never be through exploring the bilingual metropolis, which is home to an incredibly diverse culture, delicious restaurants and a never-ending list of world-class events.


Marie is a graphic designer with 12 years experience who left a good, reliable job early on in her career to go back to school to devote herself to one of her first loves: languages. After studying translation in Quebec City and Toronto, she has established herself as a freelance designer, translator and writer. Working from home provides her with a flexible schedule, which she gladly takes advantage of to fly away and see the world. Traveling provide her endless inspiration for her food and travel blog, Food Nouveau, in which she chronicles her discoveries from around the world.

When she manages to get away from the computer, Marie likes to spend hours in the kitchen, trying out new dishes and tasting ingredients she brought back from her trips.

Where to find Marie's tips about Montreal and Quebec City:

You can also learn more about Marie's current and past work on her Google+ profile.

By Marie Asselin:

"Québec’s two major cities, Montreal and Quebec City, are enjoying a creative boom right now which makes it the best time to come and discover all that we have to offer. Us Québécois have grown up immersed into the North American culture, which makes us naturally close to our neighbors, but we are also infused with a rich French heritage, which makes us unique in many ways. I truly hope sharing my best tips and advice to visit Montreal and Quebec City will entice you to plan a trip to our beautiful and vast province."

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